Lotus Flower Popup Card – Ticting Handmade 3d Card


Lotus Flower Popup Card: 3D card, 3d greeting card, popup greeting card: 6 x 6 inches greeting card

❋ DELICATE CARDS: the greeting card features a beautiful lotus flower. Lotus is known to symbolize purity of speech, of the body, and of the mind

❋ TOP QUALITY: The card is made of safe and environmentally friendly paper imported from Korea and Japan

❋ ALL OCCASIONS: Perfect as thank you card, anniversary card, wedding invitation, birthday card. You can make it an excellent gift for your mother, wife or girlfriend

❋ PACKAGE: including 1 popup card. Each comes with 01 white envelope and 01 fit-size plastic bag – ready to send


Lotus Flower Popup Card

Lotus Flower Popup Card
Lotus Flower Popup Card

Surely that, Once the recipient opens the greeting card, there is a stunning 3D Lotus appearing. In Buddhist, the lotus is symbolic of purity as while rooted in the mud, its flowers blossom on long stalks as if floating above the muddy waters of attachment and desire.


Lotus Flower Popup Card
Lotus Flower Popup Card

Lotus Flower Popup Card

Therefore, Give this Popup Card to your special ones to bring them warmth and fun on their special days: Anniversary card, Valentine, Birthday Card, Wedding, Christmas, Thanksgiving… and to tell them how much you love them.








This 3D card is made by creative designers, eco-friendly cutting technology and dexterous workers. Every incision is absolutely smooth and no glitches, every carved incision are meticulous and beautiful.


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