Bike racing popup card – Ticting handmade 3d Card


*** The Bike racing popup card can be use for any Occasion in the year: Birthday Card/ Anniversary Card/ Thank you Card/ Christmas Card/ Sport 3d Card

*** This popup card is 180 degree-open card, made of high-quality paper imported from Japan, Korea, and Italy and also vibrant in colors.

*** This Greeting card is Almost handmade, therefore, it seems meticulously lifelike.


The Ticting Bike Racing Popup Card

Bike racing popup card: Get inspired by popular cycling and want to inspire sports practice – improve everyone’s health. As a result, Bicycle racing birthday card designed with enthusiasm and inspiration.

The Ticting Bike Racing Popup Card Cover

The blue cover shows a strong and healthy appearance.

Right from the cover of the card we can see the image

of the outstanding laser engraved sports car. As simple

as that, the 3d card will  inspire us to be inspired

and excited at first sight.

The Ticting Bike Racing Popup Card Details

You will definitely be surprised and happy when the card is opened. Photos of 02 cyclists present in the middle of this 3d card. Certainly it will make you more energetic, more motivated for the new day.

The Ticting Bike Racing Greeting Card

In the midst of a busy life, getting a nice Ticting popup card with a few words of encouragement will make you happy. Only with a small act can you give love and receive love again.

Additional information

Weight25 g
Dimensions15 × 10 × 1 cm


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