Company Profile

Company Profile


Company name:                     NINRIO Vietnam Company Limited

                                (old name: Linecrafts company limited)

Short name:                         Ninrio Co., Ltd

Head office:                         No.12/162/32 , Khuong Trung street, Khuong Trung ward, Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi city, Vietnam

Factory:                               Kim Son district, Ninh Binh province, Vietnam 

Tel:                                        +84-4-66820196/ +84-978933081

Fax:                                      .......................................

Email:                                   info@ninrio.com and sale@ninrio.com

Website:                                http://ninrio.com and http://greetingcard.vn and origamic.vn

Founder, Owner:                 Mr. Pham Van Phong                                     Position: General Director

Co-owner:                           Ms. Do Thi Phuong                                    Position: Vice General Director, Factory Director

Year of establish:                 19th September 2008

Business fields:                    Manufacture and Export of pop up card, 3D card and handicrafts




Total employee:                       86

  • No. of office staff:           5
  • No. of workers:             81 



  • Director:                        Mr. PHAM VAN PHONG
  • Vice Director:                  Ms. Do Thi Phuong
  • Sale Manager:                  Ms. Bui Thi Quyen
  • Chief Designer:              Mr. Ngo Hoai Nam



  • Location:    Kim Son district, Ninh Binh province, Vietnam 
  • No. of workers:            81

Main products:

  • Pop up card, 3D card, etc...
  • Handicraft, Quilling , Art paper, etc...
  • Wood handmade, etc...


Production capacity:

  • Pop up card:                                                               960,000 pieces or sets/year
  • Quilling :                                                                   500,000 pieces or sets/year
  • Wood handmade:                                                       500,000 pieces or sets/year


Export markets (%):

  • USA:                        30
  • UK:                         25
  • Canada :                  5
  • Australia :                10
  • Others:                   30


Tet holiday 2016: Hochiminh City Television (HTV9) performed


HTV9 interviewed the pioneer in 3D cards in Vietnam



 Vietnam's Fatherland Front Chairman Nguyen Thien Nhan visited Ninrio at Hanoi Creative City in November 2015


About us

Introduction about Ninrio

Ninrio Co., Ltd – formerly known as LineCraft, was established on October,  20th  2005. Ninrio specializes in providing

high-grade handicrafts, focusing on 3 main fields:

  • Popup card

  • Quilling

  • Furniture

Providing market and customers perfect handicrafts, Green products– Be friendly with

environment and users


Becoming a number one handicrafts supplier in the world

Slogan & Commitment

With slogan “Unique handicraft, perfect quality”, Ninrio does not only provide high-grade handicrafts but also creates

superior value to customers. We are committed:  

  • Bring customers skillful and sophisticated products, precise in details

  • Green products – Be friendly with environment

  • Quality is always perfect, perfect and more perfect.

Development history

  • October 2005: Linecrafts Co. Ltd was established by a young, dynamic designer team loving art and having special

    passion on paper cutting art. Office and workshop was set up in Cau Giay Dist, Hanoi, Vietnam. Our main products

    are Popup cards – new line of art cards becoming popular in the world. We hope to bring art-lovers unique and

    sophisticated handicrafts. Moreover individuals and businesses are easy to find new products to advertise for their brands.

    September 2010: Besides continuing to develop Popup cards, we started to produce Quilling – a totally new art

    line and less commercial in the world. Our quilling pictures are made from paper yarns, 100% by hands, replacing

    traditional pictures, attracting big hotels, group and banks in the world such as: AON, DHL, FedEX, PV Oil

    Singapore, Hong Leong Bank, ANZ Bank, VIB Bank, National Library Singapore, VinaLines,…

We are continuing researching to bring market new paper creations, therefore customers will have more various products

to choose.

  • September 2012  Linecrafts was renamed and registered for protection with brand new NINRIO. New brand is

    our new orientation going with new change and movement of gift and decoration industry in the world, promising

    to keep on providing market unique, high grade handmade products.

  • October 2013 We determined to establish another workshop to produce furniture for offices, households, and

    famous hotels. Especially we design interior facilities for pleasure boats, luxury cars, … Our unique furniture products

    are always friendly with environment and users, 100% handmade.

    In the context of current economy, competition is always fierce.  Brand is one of the most matter every business

concerns.  We are committed to be a trusted partner, providing guidance and optimal solutions for your Pr, Marketing plan.

We assure to supply unique, attractive and meaningful products to your customers. Our experienced consultants,

designers, technicians have done a lot of big projects for famous corporations in the world, guaranteeing to make you



If you need further information or any requirement, please contact us via: